Whimsy & Romance – SOLD ❤️

76 x 76cm  –  Oil on gallery canvas.

I am enamoured with mother nature and in particular her flowers. Their shapes, colours, sizes, textures, smell – everything about them fills me with wonder and joy. The stunningly elegant Cafe Au Lait Dahlia (aka Dinnerplate Dahlia) was bred in the US, specifically for the wedding industry. It comes in a range of gorgeous colours – dusky pinks to caramels with curls and swirls. I am captured by it’s whimsy and romance as I’m drawn into each and every precious petal.  When I paint flowers I energetically enhance the paint with hand-made crystal essences.  These essences are lovingly, purposefully made with guided intention by a Wholistic WellBeing Intuitive.  You can use this piece of art in your own personal healing practices (or just hang it on your wall 😆 ).

Dahlia relates to the 22nd Hexagram of The IChing – Grace.
“Grace is The Flowering Of Our Accountability”.

Dahlia flowers are one of the worlds most beautiful flowers. There is something so special that can only be communicated by gazing at a Dahlia flower. Every flower has its own message and Dahlia flowers have many ancient and cultural symbolic meanings.

With your painting you will receive a certificate of authenticity, as well as channelled wording providing the cultural symbolic meanings of Dahlia, plus guidance on inspiring the flowering of your own Graciousness via meditation.

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thank you & bless


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