Bacchetta Magica #14=5 – SOLD ❤️ 🪶🪄💫

55cm in length – Keyword “Compassion”

DESCRIPTION: I’m all about love with the colour pink being predominant. At one end I have a cluster of beautiful pink agate underscored with pink & gold polycotton twine, leading into pink agates studded along the top half of the bacchetta. At the other end I have a spray of beautiful white feathers held with a piece of pink agate and some pink & gold twine.

PROPERTIES: The number 14 is a karmic number so one must take care not to negatively influence others. Open to innovation and change and in need of constant challenge. It reduces to the number five which is about knowledge grounding and construction.  Conversely it is also about fun & humour and usually belongs to a person who never fully complies. 14/5 asks you to remain flexible yet disciplined, focused yet open to change, and determined to do the hard work and engage in the step-by-step process that yields results.
Pink is the colour of love, compassion and nurturing.
Agate enhances mental function improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities.
White feathers bring in your angels.



Bacchetta Magica is Italian for “Magick Wand”.  My Bacchetta are made from found items & purchased decorative items.  Found items like pieces of wood, gumnuts, seed pods, palm fronds, palm flowers, garden refuse, leaves, feathers & shells.  I also use old jewellery, beads, book binding twine, wool, bamboo, cotton, jute, leather thonging, pieces of leather, felt, and any other items I may have laying around from other projects.  I up-cycle left over goat hide from a local drum maker. I purchase gemstones, interesting twine, raffia or rope, paint and anything else that looks interesting and I think may add some personality to my creations.
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